About Kirkridge Park Cooperative

Kirkridge Park Cooperative is a 230 unit Cooperative, who primary mortgage is insured by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In a Cooperative, each unit is a shareholder in the Corporation that owns the entire complex. So each unit has voting rights, shares in the growth of the value of their unit, and can receive an income tax deduction for a portion of the taxes and interest paid by Kirkridge Park.


Because our mortgage is insured by HUD, and we were provided with favorable financing on our mortgage, we are required to sell unit shares only to those individuals whose annual incomes are under a certain amount. Save thousands of dollars in maintenance and tax expenses with a cooperative! KPC is located in a pleasant, quiet neighborhood, great for your children to live.


There has never been a greater time to live in a cooperative, especially with Michigan's economy, you'll save time and money when you live in Kirkridge Park Cooperative!